Virtual BNG

Virtual Broadband Network Gateway
Subscriber Management for the Software-Defined Era

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Annual global IP traffic is exploding. Subscriber bandwidth demand is being fueled by more connected devices, cloud computing, and video streaming. These increasing traffic volumes are creating challenges since legacy BNGs are difficult to scale, expensive, and inflexible.

vBNG was developed to scale rapidly and efficiently with data plane optimizations that deliver near line-rate performance. Patented optimizations include packet processing techniques combined with our best-in-class implementation of DPDK and PCI pass-through on Intel NICs.

netElastic vBNG supports more subscribers and more capacity per node, with up to 128,000 subscribers and 80Gbps throughput on a single node. netElastic also supports incremental data plane scale-out for larger, multi-node deployments up to 300Gbps and beyond.

vBNG supports carriers’ network architectures and protocols, including IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, OSPF, CGNAT, L2/L3/VPN, VxLAN, IPoE, and PPPoE.
The advanced subscriber management capabilities with vBNG help service providers deliver differentiated service offerings (and better user experiences) for residential, MDU, and small business customers. Advanced subscriber management also lowers operational costs and speeds time to market for new services by providing flexibility for access, authentication, and QoS offerings.

vBNG supports popular CLI emulations to leverage your teams’ existing experience and knowledge. Integrated support for NETCONF and YANG models enables orchestration and management automation for additional operational savings.

Running on x86-based commodity hardware, vBNG delivers flexibility and cost savings, while also supporting growing carrier virtualization initiatives, such as CORD.

netElastic vBNG delivers market-leading performance and scalability in a virtualized subscriber management platform. vBNG provides advanced subscriber value while delivering CAPEX and OPEX savings.

  • Best-in-class performance and scalability
  • Runs on commodity x86 hardware
  • 128,000+ subscriber density
  • Line-rate data plane performance up to 80Gbps per server
  • Scale-out to over 300Gbps
  • Major vendor CLI emulation
  • Management automation support with NETCONF and YANG models
  • Runs on bare-metal or as VNF
  • Up to 70% in total cost savings
  • Flexible licensing options
Specifications on 80 Gbps Platform
  • 2U Dual 12 Core x86 platform, 128GB, 120GB HDD, 10x10GE + 2xGE NICS
  • Throughput: 80 Gbps
  • Max PPS: 11.5M PPS (64 byte)
  • PPPOE: 128K sessions @ 1500/second
  • L2TP: 64k sessions
  • Routing Table: 1M
  • VRFs: 1,000
  • QoS: 4 queues/user; 128k total
  • CGNAT: 2M sessions @ 100K/second