Carrier NFV Solutions

netElastic’s NFV solutions are carrier-grade software defined network functions running on standard virtualization technology, which allows service providers to consolidate several separate network appliances onto one or more industry standard x86 based servers.

Virtual CPE
Virtualizing standard CPE services creates new ways to provide network functions and new ways to create additional revenue. Rather than procuring, configuring, deploying and managing multiple single-purpose network appliances, virtual CPE allows the carrier to centralize many of these functions within their network supporting thousands of customers. New network functions are added as software VNFs to expand revenue generating services without the cost of deploying new hardware.

netElastic’s ETSI standard vCPE is a cloud-based multi-tenant/multi-user gateway that provides the routing, firewall and other functions typically done in an on-premise device. Branch offices are connected using a low-cost gateway that provides a secure connection from the customer location back to the cloud minimizing branch level costs.

Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)
vBNG is a next-generation virtualized broadband network gateway. netElastic vBNG delivers market-leading performance and scalability in a virtualized subscriber management platform. vBNG provides advanced subscriber value while delivering up to 70% in total cost savings.