Enterprise Cloud Solutions

netElastic’s FlexCloud products provide hyper-converged infrastructure and software-define data center infrastructure for OpenStack workloads. netElastic can also provide software engineering and expertise to develop, integrate, and deploy customer-specific solutions.

Mobile Edge Computing and Fog Computing
Moving compute infrastructure to the edge reduces application latency and opens up a new era of applications. FlexCloud HCI is ideal for edge computing due to its efficient design and low-cost. FlexCloud HCI can run thousands of workloads in an on demand manner. Orchestration enables applications to be automatically moved from larger, centralized clouds to the nearest edge on-demand. Once the applet’s job is completed, the VM instance can be dissolved leaving resources for the next applet.

On-Premise Private Clouds
Companies look to private clouds when public clouds cannot provide the necessary security for highly sensitive and regulated data and applications. But building a carrier-grade OpenStack private cloud is complex with many design and integration choices that increase risk and impacts performance and stability.

FlexCloud HCI and FlexCloud DC form the ideal infrastructure layer for in-house private and secure clouds. FlexCloud works with all cloud technologies such as cloud databases and big-data analytics engines. Private clouds also save money as high public cloud usage costs are replaced with a low fixed cost. netElastic can also help with customizations or implementations.

Industrial IoT and Factory Automation
Latency-sensitive sensors and controls require on-premise management. WAN availability and security are also critical factors driving utilities, factories, and other industrial uses to local compute, storage, and network resources.

FlexCloud HCI is streamlined for small to mid-size private clouds and is an ideal platform for on-premise control and management of industrial IoT devices. As new devices and sensors are added, FlexCloud HCI’s building-block approach simplifies scale out while maintaining a low-TCO and avoids vendor lock-in. FlexCloud’s High Availability features ensure control and management applications are never down.

IaaS Hosting
Service Providers looking to add their own OpenStack hosting product for their customers should consider FlexCloud DC, a complete Software-Defined Data Center for OpenStack workloads. FlexCloud DC is multi-tenant so each customer is securely segmented and has full self-service capabilities. Billing support is built-in to allow service providers to track, report, and bill for actual consumption of compute, storage, and network resources.